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Ex-Yugoslav monuments through the lens of Chinese photographer Xiao Yang

Ex-Yugoslav monuments through the lens of Xiao Yang, a Chinese photographer who is from Beijing, and based in Spain now.

Xiao Yang


Travel abroad and taking photographs takes a very important role in her life, so far she has visited more than 40 countries in the world.

Xiao Yang’s main focus is on night photography, urban exploration, and light painting. Combining the three, she creates surreal works of art that look like scenes from science fiction. She’s especially drawn to abandoned buildings and concrete monuments, places that are “empty and eerily quiet at night in darkness.”

While visiting Balkan region, she created an outstanding collection of photographs based on mostly abandoned monuments of former Yugoslavia, and named it “Illusion in Ruins”.

Check out her artistic approach to these concrete era monuments:

Additional gallery – Abandoned Yugoslav Air Force underground base “Zeljava”:

Opcija na “našem” jeziku : Spomenici bivše Jugoslavije kroz objektiv kineskinje Xiao Yang

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