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“Marakana” – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! “Marakana” – Belgrade, Serbia!



Dear ladies, if you already have to go to the stadium Marakana, I know, your choice is Rio! But every man with a red and white color at heart will choose the Belgrade Marakana.

The Red Star football club stadium, since December 2014, is named “Rajko Mitic”, according to the famous footballer of this club from 1950’s. In his honor today, there is a monument outside the stadium. In its history, the Red Star has declared 6 “Red Star`s Stars”, players who filled the stands of our biggest football stadium and not just him. In addition to Rajko Mitic, the fans admired to the football magic stars Dragoslav Šekularac, Dragan Džajic, Vladimir Petrovic Pižon, Dragan Stojkovic Piksi and the special honor to have the “Generation 1991” as a  team, Red Star that brought the most important football trophy to our country – European Champions Cup (today’s Champions League).

The Red Star Stadium was built from 1960 to 1963. It had an official capacity of 95,000 people (there were no chairs on the northern and southern stands). The unofficial record of the stadium by the number of visitors was placed on April 23, 1975 at the semi-finals of the Cup Winners Cup between Red Star and Hungarian Ferencvaros. The estimate is that at that time there were as many as 110,000 people in the stadium. However, a game that will always be synonymous with this stadium is the evening when the “sky opened” (commentary by Milojko Pantic during the live TV stream) and when Red Star on the march to win the title of Europe’s champions in the semi-final eliminated the famous Bayern Munich (April 24., 1991.)

Since the end of the 20th century, the capacity has been reduced to today’s 55,600 seats, following the UEFA (European Football Union) order, that all the stands must have chairs.

Visit the Belgrade Marakana! … and Brazilian!

Museum –  “Red Star” FC

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